Regular Treats For Your Dog: Go For it!

Why not get a regular treat box of 100% natural dog treats delivered to your door every month – because what dog wouldn’t love a box of surprise goodies?!

Your dog will receive a handpicked selection of delicious, healthy treats, tailored to your dog’s likes and dislikes. 

From just £15 a box, choose how often you want your furry friend to receive a selection of goodies and Berry and Friends will do the rest!

Can any dog breed and age have a treat box?

Yes! Although treat sizes can vary and therefore smaller ones may be suitable for smaller dogs, we have treats suitable for any breed and age of dog. We also do puppy boxes to help your new arrival decide what he/she likes best.

Each box is unique to your dog(s) and packed by hand so you can let us know your dog’s likes and dislikes and all*

Berry and Friends Natural Treat subscription boxes come with free delivery*.

*box value must be a minimum of £15

I’m interested in a treat box but my dog has allergies. Can you cater for that?

Yes! Berry and Friends’ has been founded in the name of one of the owner’s dogs – Berry. 

Berry is a 16 year old black Labrador who developed allergies to very common ingredients including chicken, beef, lamb, white fish and grains at around five years old, so is unable to eat much of what is available in pet shops. 

So Berry has been snacking on natural pet treats for many years now and is a very willing taste-tester along with her doggy sisters!

Simply let us know any allergies your dog has plus their likes and dislikes and we’ll create the perfect treat box for your furry friend. 

I’m interested in a treat box but my dog has a sensitive stomach. Can you cater for that?

Yes! A lot of dogs have sensitivities to grains and additives, which are added ingredients a lot of dog treats. Berry and Friends Natural Treats do not include any grain, gluten, additives or preservatives, and if your pet has a sensitivity to any meat or fish just let us know and we won’t include that in the box. 

If your dog has a sensitive stomach and you’re not sure why, we recommend consulting with your vet. 

How often do I have to have a subscription to qualify for free delivery?

Subscription boxes can be anything time period from weekly to monthly to qualify for free delivery (after your first box). 

You set your per box budget and frequency upon registration and if you need to change this at any stage, just let us know. 

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Yes of course. Should you decide your subscription is not frequent enough or too frequent, this can be adapted to anything from weekly to monthly.

If you want an extra box for a special occasion, I.e. birthday, Christmas or want to increase the value of your subscription at any time then just let us know and we can accommodate. 

I’m going on holiday – can I pause my subscription but still keep my SUBSCRIPTION LIVE?

Yes! If you have a subscription with Berry and Friends, you can pause it up to twice per year (with at least two weeks’ notice) for a maximum of one month without losing your subscription. 

Let your dog do the talking and try and treat box today. Subscriptions receive free shipping after the first box however you can order ad hoc boxes whenever you like!

Choose how much you want to spend, and Berry and Friends will build a box just for your pooch.

We also cater for multi-dog households as well as any allergies and sensitivities. Contact us to tell us more.






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