About Berry and Friends

Founded in Wales, Berry and Friends has been set up by me – Sarah, an avid dog-lover with over 15 years’ experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes. 

From childhood family pets, to fostering dogs and now a (growing!) pack of my own, I’ve always wanted the best for my furry family. 

When my first dog, Berry, suddenly started losing weight and fur at around five years of age we were straight off to the vets for lots of testing. As it turns out – she had allergies. A lot of them. The vet said it was easier to list what she WASN’T allergic to (duck, venison and non-white fish FYI!). 

Since then, she’s been fed the natural stuff only. But that hasn’t always been easy to come by… 

With her vast array of allergies to some commonly added ingredients, pet shops proved a challenge. I can’t tell you the hours of research and label scouring that went into planning her diet. And even more so when she was due an extra special treat. Combine that with a few more family furries and finding food that works for everyone without leaving anyone feeling under-treated or hard-done-by…it’s safe to say I now know my stuff!

So that brings us here. Welcome.

In 2023, I decided to launch my own natural treats company to give dogs a selection of tasty treats – free from grains, gluten, additives and preservatives.

I have two permanent taste-testers, run my own dog walking business and also foster with various dog rescues, so I always have a variety of willing testers of the products! 

Berry enjoying a natural dog treat
Berry enjoying her treat
Minka enjoying a natural dog treat
Minka munching on a natural dog treat
Crempog enjoying a natural dog treat
Crempog getting her teeth stuck in
The current Berry and Friends pack are:

BERRY (Nov 20 2008 – Jan 9 2024)

Berry Boo, Queen B, Booey, Booble, Boomeister and BooBoo

Nicknames: Berry Boo, Queen B, Booey, Booble, Boomeister and BooBoo

Age: 16

Breed: Black Labrador

Likes: Food, treats and sleeping

Dislikes: An empty bowl, the car (car journeys these days = vet trip), slippy surfaces

Favourite Berry and Friends treat: Fish skin

Berry’s story:

Berry was said to be eight months old when I rehomed her from a Derbyshire rescue. She’d been the classic Christmas ‘Andrex’ puppy – bought by a family with several young children as a ‘cute gift’. But when she was no longer Andrex puppy sized, she was banished outside and chained to a wall in a yard. Never exercised, house trained or fed appropriately. 

Despite some health issues along the way – including her allergies and hydrotherapy and laser therapy to help her arthritis, she was a happy, healthy dog who passed away peacefully aged over 16 in January 2024.


Minka, MinkaMunka, MooMoo and...KnobDog!

Nicknames: MinkaMunka, MooMoo and…KnobDog!

Age: 3

Breed: Welsh Border Collie

Likes: Being as close to you as humanly possible, herding and long runs

Dislikes: The doorbell and her feet being touched

Favourite Berry and Friends treat: Venison legs

Minka’s story:

Minka was my first ‘failed’ foster. I say ‘failed’ in that she never left! My other half grew up with Border Collies and we just couldn’t bear to let her go – especially as she managed to get a then 14 year old Berry (who hadn’t actively played with another dog in years) to play with her! She quickly learned the pet rabbits are friends not foe (or food) and enjoys herding them back into their house at night. 



Nicknames: Poggo, Poggy, Cremmy, Monster and The Baby 

Age: 1 year

Breed: German Shepherd 

Likes: Licking, chewing wood from the wood pile, patrolling outside and treats

Dislikes: The hoover

Favourite Berry and Friends treat: As a puppy, she’s into everything! But I like anything that keeps her busy for a while – such as the cow’s ears or duck necks

Crempog’s story:

Crempog (Welsh for pancake for those who may not know!) was found as a stray in poor condition at an estimated 9 weeks old. She became my second failed foster(!) and has now grown into a fantastic, healthy pup with bundles of confidence, a gorgeous fluffy coat and oodles of personality. She quickly made friends with our resident chinchilla and, like Minka, learned the rabbits are part of the family.


Arnie,  Puggin, Puggy and Arn

Nicknames: Puggin, Puggy and Arn 

Age: 8

Breed: Pug

Likes: Licking, snoring, barking at birds and food

Dislikes: Long walks and birds 

Favourite Berry and Friends treat: Rabbit ears

Arnie’s story:

Secretly the boss of us all, Arnie is a family friend who spends a lot of time with the Berry and Friends gang whilst his parents work away. He prefers mooching around the garden having lots of sniffs over going for long walks. So he mostly sticks with Berry but does enjoy brief play times with Crempog – despite the size difference, he can keep up! 

Arnie and Crempog cosy in front of the fire
Arnie and Crempog enjoying some downtime