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100% Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Founded in Wales, Berry and Friends caters for dogs of all breeds and sizes providing 100% natural treats and chews for your furry family member as part of a healthy diet.

As a dog lover myself, I know when it comes to finding treats for your own furry friends, you’re looking for something that’s not only great tasting but also helps to promote your pet’s health and wellbeing. Choosing natural treats is a great choice for your dog as they are generally lower in fat and higher in protein than most processed dog treats, and what’s more, dogs love them too! 

Our 100% natural range of dog treats are derived from the by-products of the meat industry that would otherwise go to waste. This means that choosing natural treats is not only a great choice for your dog, but also fantastic for the environment. 

All treats are free from grains, gluten, additives and preservatives and contain only natural and organic ingredients that are not only wholesome goodness but are also supporting British farmers.

All of our dog treats are kept in their entirely natural form, with absolutely no added colours, flavours or preservatives that might not be so good for your dog’s digestion. They are all air-dried from raw to retain their vital nutrients and, most importantly for your dog – the delicious smells and flavours too! 

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